The Goodell Family



The Goodell family has been raising Clydesdales for over 40+ years. Kevin & Dorothy started raising clydesdales after they got married in 1976 and continued as the kids were raised. The clydesdales are used for all sorts of events (Showing both in Halter and Hitch, Parades, Farm Work, Class Presentation, or Just Plain Fun). The herd usually consists of 1-2 Stallions, 8-10 mares, and then younger weanlings, yearlings or two year olds. We usually expect 4-6 foals/year, and we always have horses for sale. With the second generation now in the breeding business we plan on becoming more focused in clydesdale breeding and showing. Jeff does all the showing and selling of the clydes, so please contact him if you have any questions about what we may have. We are gearing up for the up for the upcoming 2024 foaling season expecting several babies. We will once again be planning on exhibiting a six horse hitch of mares in 2024 at various shows.  With Jody's daughter Peyton and Jeff's four boys Jase Grant, Kole and Lane, we can only hope they learn to love the clydesdales as much as the rest of the family does.


Front: Grant, Jase, Kole
Back: Jeff, Michelle, Lane

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