Clydesdales For Sale

Please call to discuss purchase terms and agreements.  Typically to make a purchase we require a deposit to hold the horse with the remaining balance due prior to the horse leaving our farm. Buyers are responsible for transportation costs and any pre purchase vet exams.

We are able to help line up transportation if you need the horse hauled to your farm.  Buyers are responsible for transportation cost.
Please ask us for details.


Here is a list of the horses for sale as of 09/29/2023

Yearling Stallion - Ned
Yearling Stallion - KDJ's Revalation Norris $10,000
Weanling Colt - KDJ's Oscar - Still on Mare also for sale $5,000
Weanling Colt - KDJ's Orange Crush - $5,000

6 Year Old - Gor-Dey Rose - Bay mare with blaze face, four white feet, black mane & tail, has been driven. Stud foal on her side, born 4-20-2023

Yearling Gelding - KDJ's Norton - Dark bay, blaze face, black main & tail, long tail.  Front left leg will be dark, other 3 white. $7,000
Yearling Gelding - KDJ's Nick $5,000

Please contact me if you have any questions on any of these horses or would like more information.
Phone: 515-890-1150
Email: jeffery_goodell@hotmail.com

Gor-Dey Rose


Name: Gor-Dey Rose

Reg Number: F28198
Height: 17.2H

________Greendykes Sherman - M15613

_____SBH Phoenix - M18050

________Emerald's Lucky Lady - F14990

Twin Pines Thor - M23261

________Maplewood Levi - M13876

_____Cedarlane Jasmine - F22344

________PTS Nobelman's Danielle - F13619

________Doura Sensation - M11361
_____CIE Perfection - M13396
________Doura Dougla's Delight - F11029
Westerdale Dini - CN9075110
________ Belleau Annette's Adam - M14002 
_____Westerdale Donna Lee - CN9070418
________Westerdale Amo's Wilma - CN9069053

Bay. Wide blaze extending over right side of muzzle, black spots in nostrils and on upper lip. Right fore leg mixed, left fore leg white to knee, left hind leg white to hock, right hind leg white to below hock and extending slightly onto gaskin.

She has had 30 days of driving training.

Stud foal born April 20, 2023 
sired  by Toll-Gate Kavalier.

KDJ's Semi Otto Matic $5000 - SOLD



Name: KDJ's Semi Otto Matic

DOB: 01/31/2023

Reg Number: Pending


________Torrs Cup Winner - M32166(CN)

_____Willow Way Highlight - M33420(CN)

________Willow Way Kristy - F66899(CN) 

Toll-Gate Kavalier

________Greendykes Sherman - M15613

_____SBH Flashy Dancer - F20485 

________Emerald's Lucky Lady- F14990


________Gregglea HC Nihilater - M24543

_____Pinnacle's Nihilater Extreme - M25400

________Pinnacle's Tessa - F22655

KDJ's Little Miss Heck Yeah

________Alamar 2 Luck - M24162

_____Cook's Miss Lucy - F25684

________Cook's Derwards Little Miss Molly - F19619

Otto will be getting weaned off of the mare here shortly.  He is broke to lead and enjoys being handled.  We plan on showing Otto at the National Clydesdale Show at the Iowa State Fair.  He is available.

He has not been docked, his tail has just been shaved.  Otto is very snappy and looks to fit any discipline desired.  His mother is one of our lead mares used in the six horse hitch, Otto looks like he could wear harness in the future.

Please reach out with any questions.




Draft Horse 5th Wheel Hitch Wagon built by Eugene Jacobson set up with everything to hook 6.  Eugene specially built this wagon for the Grant's who used it with their Percheron hitch.  We have used this wagon as our second wagon or when the kids wanted to all show in youth classes causing a need for multiple wagons.  This wagon is in great shape and is to good to not being used.  The lettering is easily removed and the seat and kickboard color can easily be changed.

Call with questions  - 515-890-1150

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