Clydesdales For Sale

Please call to discuss purchase terms and agreements.  Typically to make a purchase we require a deposit to hold the horse with the remaining balance due prior to the horse leaving our farm. Buyers are responsible for transportation costs and any pre purchase vet exams.

We are able to help line up transportation if you need the horse hauled to your farm.  Buyers are responsible for transportation cost.
Please ask us for details.


Here is a list of the horses for sale as of 09/30/2020

KDJ's Karl - yearling stud colt
Lazer Stud Colt - $4500 @ weaning

7YO - BSB Pixie's Phillip - Bay, Four Whites, Blaze Face - Broke to Drive $8500 - SOLD
3YO- KDJ's Optical Illusion
2YO - KDJ's Jack of Spades $6000


Please contact me if you have any questions on any of these horses or would like more information.
Phone: 515-890-1150
Email: jeffery_goodell@hotmail.com

Please call for horses that are Not Listed

BSB Pixies Phillip






Name: BSB Pixies Phillip
DOB: 2/22//2013

Reg Number: M26047

Height: 17.2

________Hatfield Hocktaller - M32589(CN)
_____N.D.F.'s Frorest's Jack - M33583(CN)
________N.D.F.'s Forest's Kelly
Tablerock's Cracker Jack - M25218

________Ima Hollywood Star - M11595
_____Tablerock's Ima Hollywood Star - F18390

________Laurima Duchess of Carrington - F15537

________Collesie Cut Above - M25418 (GB)

_____Highfield Collessie - M25507
________Cocklaw Lucinda - F91065(GB)
Gregglea HC Pixie - F72892(CN)

________Doura Double Your Fun - M32785(CN)

_____Faydar Edie - F72068(CN)
________Faydar Vicki - F72064(CN) 

Bay, white blaze face, left nostril black, black spots in muzzle and right nostril, four white legs to the knees and hocks, small white spot on right elbow.

Phillip has been gelded and is an excellent hitch horse prospect.  Will make a very nice gelding as he is very heads up and loves to be in the spot light.

Phillip was recently taken out on the road with the hitch to several shows across the midwest this summer.  He was used in everything from the 8 horse hitch down to the cart.  My son Jase age 12 used his as a jr driver in the cart and he was even used as a ladies cart horse as well.  Phillip is still learning but drives with a lot of heart.  We will either keep him to use with our mares or send him to a new home and let him shine for you.

Top picture is of Phillip in the ladies cart class at the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair.
The next two pictures are in 2017 at the Wisconsin State Fair - Jr Driver Cart
Next picture is of Phillip being used for the decorator class at the Wisconsin State Fair.
Bottom two pictures are of him as a yearling on the farm.

KDJ's Karl






Name: Stud Colt
DOB: 05/04/2019

Reg Number: 28321
Height: 15.3

________Torrs Cup Winner - M32166(CN)

_____Willow Way Highlight - M33420(CN)

________Willow Way Kristy - F66899(CN) 

Toll-Gate Kavalier - M34712 (CN)

________Greendykes Sherman - M15613

_____SBH Flashy Dancer - F20485 

________Emerald's Lucky Lady- F14990

________Northwest Glenords U.R. Arrow-M14858

_____Armageddon's Lord Nehemiah-M20893

________Armageddon's Mistress Etana-F16556

KDJ's Polka Dot - F25376

________Birky's Pride 1st Timothy-M17336

_____Erastus Tim's Regal - F22369

________Hi-Hopes Forever Evening Amber-F15820

Nice bay stud colt with a blaze face.  Front Left Leg white below knee, hind legs white below hocks, front right white around anke and hoof head with some mixed hairs on inside of leg, excellent front end.  This colt looks to wear harness as well.

Sire Toll-Gate Kavalier has a been shown all over Canada as a young horse and is off the great halter horse SBH Flashy Dancer.  Karl's mother Polka Dot was shown as a young horse as well and claimed the Grand Champion Mare title at the Illinois State Fair as a yearling.

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